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We would like you to read the following house rules.

We wrote them to keep the peace at home, for all of us.

Take off your shoes please

You have a box just for them in the entrance, with your room name on it.

Read the information

Most of your questions have their answers here. We have been working on it a lot. The access information are very sharp. If your code does not work, you are probably it front of the wrong door. We would really appreciate you to double check before emailing.

Check in and check out time

You have booked a room from 3PM to Midday. Please don't use the apartment before or after your check in/check out time. No cooking, shower, sofa or WiFi squat... The city is beautiful, go enjoy it !

Only you

Visitors are not welcome, the apartment is strictly reserved for tenants. Thank you :)

La Mansarde is non-smoking

Even at your bedroom window. Please go down at the building door.

And Eco-friendly

Please take the time to switch off the lights behind you, don't use the AC or the heating with the window opened, and switch it off when you go out.

Close the windows

When you are out. Rain are sudden and strong in Nice and downstairs neighbors can be flooded in minutes. Please keep in mind that you are responsible in case of damages.

Please also check the ones in the hall and the kitchen if it starts to rain or if the weather is about to turn bad, you are in control.

Don't use the kitchen or living after 10PM

The living room and the kitchen are at your disposal before 10PM.

This building is an old boat : we have done everything we can to make the apartment as pleasant as possible, but the floors continue to creak very loudly. We sleep just behind the kitchen and ear every passage. That's why after 10PM. we ask you not to walk the kitchen floor anymore, please.

Our baby sleeps as well behind the kitchen, please don't be noisy after 8PM. Many thanks :)


You will find a spotless place when you arrive. Please keep the bathroom and kitchen clean after you use it.

If you stay 7 days or more, we will apply a weekly 28 € cleaning fees per guest to keep the communal areas clean during your stay.


Don't step on the roof, pirate !

Tempting yes, strictly forbidden.

A particular need? A visitor ? Let's talk about it !
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