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Free Street Parking in Nice

To find free street parking you'll need time, luck, and small tips. Check rue Robillant, very short, but also very close. Rue Bavastro offers some places too, but Corniche André Joly would give you more chances to find. I suggest to try around 5PM when workers leave the city center.

Street Parking Downtown 

There is now 30 minutes of free street parking in town during the week, 1 hour free street parking on Saturdays, and street parking is always free evenings and Sundays.

Even during the free time, between 9am-8pm Monday-Saturday, you’ll still need the little ticket from the meter, which spits out a little ticket that you need to put on your windshield.  If you plan on staying longer than the free 30-minutes, you can pay with coins, cards, and now you can even plug that meter from afar by smartphone with the PayByPhone app or at

After the free period runs out the meter charges start racking up fast, but the max is only 2.60€ for the max time of 2 hours 15 minutes, or just 1€ on Saturdays.

Overstay the maximum 2 hours and 15 minutes?  The city has done away with traditional parking tickets, and instead you now get charged a flat “post parking fee” of 16€, and will get another one every 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Port Lympia car park

The closest parking is Port Lympia. It offers indoor parking. You can book in advance for 25€ a day with the app Zenpark. This is the easiest solution to me.

Weekly Rates and Super Parking Deals

Port Lympia also offers a weekly rate of 110€, but better yet offers a weekend deal for just 40€ from Friday night to Monday morning. This is to be paid in advance at the car park manager’s office, and can't be booked online before your arrival.

Free Park and (Tram) Ride Lots in Nice

There are five large ParcAzur lots located at various points along the tramway route, where you can leave your car for free from early morning until late at night as long as you pay for a round-trip on the tramway.   A single-voyage ticket won’t work, but you can use a ParcAzur round-trip tramway ticket (3€), the discount 10-trip card (2€ for a round-trip), a day bus/tram pass (5€), or a week bus/tram pass (15€).   Only catch: overnight parking is not allowed.

The ParcAzur lots are are at each end of the tram lines (Henri Sappia, and Pont-Michel near the new terminus Hopital Pasteur), plus four in the middle at Vauban, Saint-Augustin, at the Nice Port …and the super-convenient in-town lot, Palais des Expositions, where the ParcAzur zone is on level 3.


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